Our Story
Our story began in a tiny home office where creativity combined with an inkjet printer served the stationery demands of a small parish giftshop. Now, after years of support from friends and family, after hours of practice and research, our stationery business has become a reality. Wenlock Stationery, founded in 2019, is a work in progress. We look forward to providing quality products and great customer service for years to come. Stay-tuned for additions to our inventory, including: stationery-paper, stickers, giftwrap, giftbags, holy cards, religious prints, devotional gift items, and more.
Our Heritage
As faithful admirers of traditional Christian art, we knew our work needed a name that would recall the long-forgotten roots of beautiful, religious artwork. The name Wenlock means "from the holy monastery." Centuries ago, within the quiet scriptoriums of Catholic monasteries, artistic monks and nuns created and preserved magnificent works of art featuring Our Lord, His Blessed Mother, and vast numbers of the saints. We put the name and the history together and began Wenlock Stationery.
Our Goal
Our goal is to unbury the age-old Christian treasures that have all but vanished in face of today’s contemporary art. Traditional artwork must be preserved, but like the monastic practices of old, they must also be created. Therefore, here at Wenlock Stationery, classic pieces of religious art are treasured and united to the skills of an advanced generation, resulting in fresh expressions of time and tradition.